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The entire staff is friendly and patient. They take the time to tell you what they are going to do before they start, which is fantastic for anxious patients.
Dianne McCaul
I went for my regular 6 month cleaning this morning and I was very impressed with how the team that is working with Dr. Palwinder Kaur- Panesar has put together an incredible welcoming. Not only are they kind and gentle but they offer essential oil to help you relax along with weighed blankets, water, and several other things. Dr. Panesar has always had a special,place in my heart as she stayed one time and fixed my tooth in a snow storm all by herself. You don't find that kind of service often nowadays. I was also impressed with my hygienist, Kayla, she was calm, respectful, and also did an amazing job, it's the first time I haven't cringed getting my teeth cleaned. I highly recommended this dentistry to anyone, you won't be disappointed. The team there is great and positive. Thanks for taking care of me and making me feel special as an individual.
Cheryl York
I’m a six year old in a twenty six year olds body when it comes to the dentist. I absolutely hate everything about it. Today I had two filings for the first time in a long time. The entire staff was welcoming and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. The laid back yet professional demeanor gave me comfort. I experienced zero pain and left the office laughing. Thank you!
Miryah Talbot
It's been awesome to finally have a visit after many cancellations . The screening process was painless, but so necessary with this. You must consider the staff are sooo susceptible to this "kooties" that would close the doors for a long time. Kate was so excellent with measures, inspecting, and wonderful cleaning! Dr.Panazar was so available to my exam. Future treatments were discussed and resolution scheduled! Soon too! I love healthy smiles. Kelly set me up for quick appointments and answered all my insurance and financial responsibilities. This was so painless. No raised eyebrows here. PS. I'm not one with $, but would give my hind tooth to stay here!! Yes pun intended!
James Walke