I went for my regular 6 month cleaning this morning and I was very impressed with how the team that is working with Dr. Palwinder Kaur- Panesar has put together an incredible welcoming. Not only are they kind and gentle but they offer essential oil to help you relax along with weighed blankets, water, and several other things. Dr. Panesar has always had a special,place in my heart as she stayed one time and fixed my tooth in a snow storm all by herself. You don’t find that kind of service often nowadays.
I was also impressed with my hygienist, Kayla, she was calm, respectful, and also did an amazing job, it’s the first time I haven’t cringed getting my teeth cleaned. I highly recommended this dentistry to anyone, you won’t be disappointed. The team there is great and positive. Thanks for taking care of me and making me feel special as an individual.