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Covid 19 Safety Protocols

Our COVID19 Safety Protocols
Exceed the CDC/ADA and MDA guidelines.

During this unprecedented time, we hope this information helps you to understand that we genuinely care about our patient’s safety and comfort as well as the safety and comfort of our exceptional dental team.

Our primary concern has always been, and will continue to be, patient care and comfort! We are honored to care for you.

What you can expect at your Dental visits



We have upgraded our HVAC system and have two additional air purification systems running constantly. Each system covers 2000 square feet and our office size is 1900 square feet. That is double coverage running all day long.

Our office is professionally cleaned every week and we are constantly sanitizing high touch areas such as door handles, the bathrooms and reception furniture every 30 minutes.



You are asked to wear a mask (face covering) to enter the office.

You will be asked to sanitize your hands and we will be taking your temperature.

You will be asked a series of medical related questions prior to being seen.

We ask that you contact us immediately if you are not feeling well prior to your dental appointment.

Any necessary paperwork will be completed.

You will not find magazines or a coat rack in our reception area.

Coat hooks are supplied in each of the treatment rooms for your convenience.

Seating is spaced out for social distancing recommendations.

Family members will not be allowed to wait in the reception area. We ask that you come alone or wait in your car.

For children or patients with special needs, a family member may accompany the patient to the treatment room and will be required to go through prescreening first.



You will be asked to rinse your mouth with a 1.5% peroxide rinse or non-alcohol Listerine for 20 seconds.

You will be offered items from our comfort menu. All items are single use and blankets are washed after every patient.

Everyone on the team will be wearing N95, KN95 or Level 3 masks and face shields in addition to their normal PPE.

Some team members will be wearing disposable gowns.

In the Doctor treatment rooms we have added hands free, high speed suction equipment called ISOLITE.

ISOLITE is a suction that works as a bite block to keep your mouth comfortably open while treatment is being performed. ISOLITE effectively reduces the aerosol created during use of the dental instruments.

Rubber isolation barriers (a rubber dam) helps us to prepare a tooth for restoration by keeping the area dry and free from the other areas of the mouth. These will also be used more frequently when appropriate for patient care and comfort as well as team safety.

Your Hygienist will be using a high vacuum suction called Ivory ReLeaf. This hands-free suction will be used instead of the low suction “Mr. Thirsty” that we have all grown up with. The low speed suction will be used when appropriate.



When you have completed your appointment and are escorted to the checkout area, you will be asked to put your mask (face covering) back on and sanitize your hands prior to exchanging any money, credit cards or signing any documents.

One patient at a time will be allowed in the checkout area.

If a patient is being served, you will be asked to sit in the reception area until the checkout area is clear.